6 reasons why you need business networking for your startup

Because you do, no question about it. There are a couple areas where knowing people directly is a great help (random order):

  1. Partnerships
    You will need them at some point if you want to grow fast – be it your distribution channel, promotion partner or complimentary product provider
  2. Financing
    ‘We don’t invest in people we don’t know’ one VC told me once – enough said ;)
  3. Buying
    When you’re small, have no credit record, and you company is 10 days old it’s hard to get good prices, long term payment conditions and any form of exclusivity (which might be important if you’re claiming a ma rket niche)
  4. Promoting
    It’s a lot more efficient to call 3 friends and tell them you’re up to something new than distribute 1000 press release messages to industry bloggers.
  5. Hiring
    You can’t pay them enough. You can’t give them benefits. Your promise is sweat and blood. And possible defeat. The’ve got to like you to trust you :)
  6. Selling
    Chances are your product can be sold to enterprise customers, be white-labeled or bundled with something. It might not be your ultimate strategy, but anything that keeps cash flowing in is good at the beginning.

So even though you think that in this WebThingy you can Adwords your road to wealth, or Digg your product to fame – think twice. People are using your product. People spread the news about your product. People will make your product. Get to know them. Go, network.

If you strongly disagree – let it out in the comments.



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One comment on “6 reasons why you need business networking for your startup
  1. I couldn’t agree with Marcin more. No matter what business you are in, networking is a great tool to build it stronger. So do what Marcin recommends, Go Network. Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network, http://www.TheHeartLinkNetwork.com intimate women’s networking with over 140 locations in US, Canada and new to Australia

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